RepSpark – The industry’s only B2B selling system built for Total Order Life Cycle Management.

TOLCM is a seamless end-to-end sales system that effectively enhances and manages every step in an organization’s order life cycle.

  • plan
  • brand
  • present line
  • ATS
  • order
  • B2B collaboration
  • track
  • manage reports
  • analyze history

The TOLCM platform works without operator intervention, freeing up your entire team from repetitive, administrative tasks so they can start driving real value back to the business.

“Engage the Consumer, Delight the Buyer, Frustrate the Competition”

Dac Clark - CEO

  • Rusty
  • sanuk
  • IBM AS/400
  • Internal System designed for multi-brand company, C&C Companies
  • Validation Engine
Repspark Logo
  • RepSpark becomes own entity
  • Platform rewritten in latest technologies – .net, Javascript, etc
  • tyr
  • LSPACE by monica wise
  • Reporting overhaul, Invoices
  • Intricacies of Swim: Coordinate codes for tops and bottoms
  • seirus
  • havaianas
  • sap business one
  • Pricing Plans, Catalogs, Always Available Product, Complicated Inventory
  • halston
  • LSPACE by monica wise
  •  RLM Apparil software systems
  • Full circle Integrated apperal software
  • Multi-Deliveries and 7 seasons per year
  • stance
  • sullen art collective
  • Jerry Leigh
  • swimwear anywhere inc
  • linksoul
  • iPad v1, v2
  • Multi-warehouse
  • Extended product attributes
  • Warehouse on the product level
  • Dimensions (3 levels of sizing)
  • Warehouse on the customer level FC Full ODBC
  • fairway greene
  • zero restrection
  • Ep
  • ep sport
  • DB
  • Olukai
  • Adidas combat sports gear
  • M garis mattew
  • ripcurl
  • skullcandy
  • lost
  • toes on the nose
  • Kiarmadn
  • oneill
  • lajolla group
  • blue cherry
  • AM appare magic
  • SAP business bydesign
  • infor
  • Full circle
  • iPad v3
  • Footwear Dimensions Size Ratios–set and suggested
  • v1 of Insignia DST File Converter
  • Flash/Integrated Combo
  • v2 Insignia Ipad Insignia
  • Full Reporting ODBC Multi Currency Multi-Language
  • Multi-warehouse v2 Inference Engine Multi-Brand v2
  • Segmented customer specific pricing plans
  • Single size accessory specifications
  • fmf
  • beach bunny swimwear
  • MALIBU design group
  • the sak brand group
  • johnnie o
  • metal mulisha
  • sakroots
  • elliett lucca
  • Peter Millar
  • Roka
  • Turtleson
  • elliett lucca
  • SAP
  • oracle peoplesoft
  • Perfect Fit
  • iPad v4
  • PeterMillar
  • PeterMillar
  • Turtleson
  • Roka
  • Havaianas
  • Stance
  • image Seirus
  • Jerry Leigh
  • Halston
  • L Space by Monica Wise
  • The Sak
  • Malibu Design Group
  • Beach Bunny
  • Lost
  • Adidas Combat Gear
  • Flomotion
  • Jambu
  • Toes on the Noes
  • Greg Norman
  • Johnnie-O
  • Sullen
  • RipCurl
  • Swimwear Anywhere
  • LinkSoul
  • TYR
  • SkullCandy
  • Armada
  • Travis Mathew
  • Fairway & Greene
  • EP Sports
  • EP Sport
  • Zero Restriction
  • B Draddy
  • Dunning Golf
  • Olukai
  • O'Neill
  • Metal Mulisha
  • FMF
  • FMF
  • FMF
  • FMF
  • FMF
  • FMF
  • FMF
  • FMF
  • FMF
  • FMF
  • FMF
  • FMF
  • FMF
  • FMF
  • FMF
  • “Stability, flexibility, extensibility, maintainability and scalability.”
    Sandy Martinelli, COO - Summit Golf Brands on BlueCherry
  • “Increased At Once sales order fill rate by over 12%”
    Ryan Moore, SVP - Sullen Art Collective on NetSuite
  • "Optimally focused for integration, automation, workflow efficiencies, and ease of use…”
    Josh Wellington, COO - La Jolla Group on Full Circle
  • SIMA Webinar Series - Growing Great Brands with Dac Clark
  • "We selected RepSpark because of its ease of use and wide range of features.”
    Nathan Boroff, CFO - TravisMathew on Full Circle
  • "We are able to create a buying process that puts the consumer, and how our brand will look to that consumer in-store, front and center."
    Jordan Judd, VP of Marketing - Armada on SAP 
  • "From the first conversations with RepSpark, they spoke the language and understood the needs and challenges of the brands.”
    David Quattrucci, VP of Operations - Tharanco Lifestyles (Greg Norman, Dunning Golf) on VSR 
  • “The Jambu team can now seamlessly access, navigate and report real-time company sales data from the office or on the road."
    David Jonah, General Manager - Vida Shoes International on Footworks
  • "After doing the research RepSpark had clearly asked the right questions for sales reps and company executives when building the front and back end of the system which I didn't find in other companies.”
    Brian Bosson, COO - RipCurl on Infor
  • "RepSpark is going to improve our business”
    Hank Ashworth, VP of Sales - Linksoul on ApparelMagic
  • "We polled our outside reps, who've worked with nearly every sales ordering software program on the market, and RepSpark was the most popular choice.”
    Brian Shea, Director - Finance & Business Intelligence Stance on FullCircle
  • “RepSpark was the solution with the best existing features for order entry, reporting and full sales cycle management.”
    Vickie Zaura, CIO - Jerry Leigh on AS400
  • “We saw RepSpark as the best solution out there for our business.”
    Jerry Tongish, Director of Merchandising - Swimwear Anywhere on AS400
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